The Dogs

Gracie Girl & Pet Therapy

Gracie Girl is an eight year old Golden Retriever. Born in Council Bluffs, Iowa in a litter of 13 beautiful butterball puppies, she was the most PLUMP of the bunch. She joined the Rogers Family at the age of eight weeks old and has been a special family member ever since. She does have a formal name…just like most of us! Her registered name is Golden Amber Waves of Grace.

Grace lives at home with her family in Elkhorn, Nebraska and loves volunteering at area schools and facilities with her Mom as a certified therapy dog team.



Pet Therapy

Grace attended BonaFide Dog Academy in Omaha, Nebraska, and completed canine obedience training which was a prerequisite to her therapy training. She also completed Holiday Manners and Agility classes just for fun.

In 2008, Grace was accepted into the Domesti-PUPS Pet Therapy Program and completed extensive obedience and therapy training graduating in the fall of 2009. Her credentials include: Petting-Pups, Reading-Pups and Partner-Pups certifications.